How to make your own micro macrame project board

Micro Macrame Project Board

When starting out creating jewelry using micro-macrame, you are going to find out fairly quickly that you have to have a project board to work effectively.  You will be using pins to keep tension on the cording as you work through your project.

There are several different kinds of padded board designs available on the internet.  Some are made of foam and others of cork.  When I made mine, I made sure to use thick foam which gives me the ability to push my straight pin all the way in, using the head to hold the cord tightly when necessary.  I did that a lot when I was first learning.

How to make the micro macrame project board:

To make my micro macrame board, I started with a leftover piece of foam that was lying around.  (Ok, it was lying around at my mom’s house, but it was in the attic, so it’s fair game, right?)  As you can see I made a rough cut that is actually larger than my clip board.  This is about 12in x 13in.

micro macrame project board

Then, where the clip will be, I cut out a slope.  It may not be totally necessary, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

micro macrame project board

Next I added about 4 inches to each side and cut out my fabric.  Choose wisely here.  On my first try I used a very light, soft pink fabric that was a flannel type of material.  When I worked on a project though, especially picking up beads to string onto the cords, I was forever having little bits of fluff on my fingers and in my way.  Pick something with no “pilling” ability.

micro macrame project board

Cover the foam with your fabric.  Turn to the back and safety pin in place.  I like to be able to take the cover off to wash it (there may be a coffee spill in the future) or just change it out if it doesn’t work (like the aforementioned pink stuff).

micro-macrame project board

Turn to the front and fit onto your clipboard.

micro macrame jewelry project board

I keep straight pins in the top corners of my board, which I use to pin cords, hold the fastenings (closures), or keep a focal bead for later use my current project.  The only negative I have found with this design is that if I have loose beads on my board and I move the board, those beads inevitably roll right down against the clip.  The good news is that I always know where they are!

So just something that I found works really well for me and you might be able to take what I have here and make it even better.  If you create your own micro macrame project board, let me know about it below.  I’d love to see and hear about your experiences!


  • velda

    This was a great design, and I was using mine in car, so made indents in bottum R side and glued a small round container for beads.
    I also taped a ruler to side to measure.
    thanks so much